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Seems To Me ... So you say you want a revolution
In April 2 Issue
By John Thompson, Columnist

"You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world," thus begun the Beatles classic song Revolution.

Lots of people talkin' revolution these days. Skipping around the internet you get the idea that it might be around the corner here in the good ole U.S.A.

Not likely.

It would not be for your own good.

Revolution has swept the Middle East. As I watched the proceedings in Egypt a month ago, I was enthralled; amazed that people, acting in conjunction, were making change happen in their country.

By the time the next revolution came around I got bored; time to move on to something else.

But now, people are saying we might have something like that happen here.

Remember, it would not be for your own good, and again, not likely.

Why? Because, ladies and gentlemen, the profound use of manipulative propaganda has us complacent, even in our dire frustration. As I said to someone recently, that revolution wouldn't happen here, and even if it did it wouldn't look anything like over there.

Here they've manufactured consent (a term first used in Walter Lippman's book "Public Opinion," in 1922, in which he laid out how the ruling class would best proceed with this little "Democracy" experiment by 'manufacturing consent' of the masses), manufactured passivity, manufactured complacency, manufactured ambivalence, manufactured confusion, manufactured ignorance, manufactured hatred, manufactured fear. Why do I say manufactured? Because that is the purpose of propaganda, to manufacture the desired response from the populace.

But there are more reasons I don't think a revolution would happen here. And it is still tied to our manufactured lives, and that is, no matter from which sector a revolutionary movement were to try to emerge, you can count on one of the manufactured media to release their manufactured news so that, again, the rest of the populace would respond in the way most beneficial to the power structure. The many will turn against the few, not join the few.

Think about it, revolution is not everyone going out in the street. Because we've put millions in the street and we still went to Iraq. Do you think we can put millions in the street and demand "regime change?"

Not likely. You won't be allowed, for your own good.

For the past three decades we've read the news reports and watched the video of 'non-lethal' weapons. Oh how we marveled at giant microwave machines that would disperse those crowds like gather in Iraq when they were being so demanding for things, like reliable water and electricity (which much of the country that used to have, still does not have eight years after our invasion of the country).

Yes, microwave machines that excite the molecules right under your skin, making staying in place unbearable… everyone scatters. They never used it in Iraq, best of my knowledge. But I wonder how many we have here, stateside?

Oh, they'd never use that here, but It's for your own good it was built.

I love hearing people talk about how the government will never take away their guns. Lots of people like to proclaim what they would do or not do in circumstances, and it rarely ends up being that way when they're confronted. You want to appear a little wiser? Then never say what you'd do or wouldn't do in some adrenaline spiked situation. You don't know what you'd do, nor do I.

So let me ask you, as much as you might love your guns, and I'm not anti-gun, but what are you going to do if a squad of soldiers or SWAT style federal agents announces over a bullhorn that your house is surrounded, no one will get hurt, they just want your weapons? Are you going to shoot it out with them, with your family there with you? There's really not that many Randy Weaver's amongst us. Actually he didn't even shoot it out with them. And they'd already killed his reason for living.

Most will give them up. Not one in a million would actually take a stand. It would be sensible to surrender your weapons.

It's for your own good.

I'm not saying that's going to happen. Lord knows I don't need to fan those fearful flames. Winchester and Smith and Wesson should donate huge money to the Obama campaign. I'm just sayin'. They've benefitted mightily from the manufactured fear that weapons would be taken, much as war profiteers have benefitted mightily from the manufactured fear of terrorism.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we won't have another terrorist attack here in the United States. I think it's all but inevitable. We've probably created for the next generation 10 times the 'terrorists' that we had 10 years ago. Eh, I won't go into it. Gone there, done that. You either accept it or you don't.

You'd think of our love of movies where the loved one of a murdered family member goes out to avenge their death might seep into our consciousness and make a link to the million killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade, from the totally innocent, to the 'insurgent' fighting to not be occupied, the jihadists who fight a holy war they believe is being fought against them, all the way to the Al Quaeda types that really want destruction of all things western.

The last group is who we say we fight, but they only consist of a fraction of the deaths, because they are only a fraction of that populace.

I've digressed. I always do. But it was for your own good.

The power structure will not allow a "revolution" to take place. Try to remember the video of the fully decked out police in L.A. a couple of years ago at some South American demonstration. Lines of men, in full battle gear, reminiscent of a medieval formation, except firing tear gas and swinging bully, I mean billy clubs at what truly seemed a peaceful crowd. Though I did see that baby in the stroller throw an evil look. Those scenes seared in my brain.

What happened then? The same thing that will happen if you think you're going to revolt by taking to the street. Little police and political fiefdoms will take the matter into their own hands. When the rest of the populace becomes outraged, promises of investigations and justice by the federal authorities will take place. And then nothing. Nothing else will be done. Oh, if they feel like rubbing our nose in it they will say the actions were justified in the situation.

But remember it's for your own good.

Tell me something:

So which is it? Do we keep our noses out of other country's business or do we pick and choose, with the broadest definition of "national interest" used as our rationale?

I've never met a Libyan I didn't like, and that's the truth… because I never met one. But I'm guessing they're like you and me. Turns out they always are; having interests like food and water security, shelter and clothing, family and friends. Until some other entity, like a religious tribe or government tells them (us) we need to go kill some other people for grand reasons; God, Country, Liberty, Honor… whatever.

We don't even know what the aims of the rebels in Libya are. But personally I'm all for not having a massive killing wave attack rebels and civilians alike as Moamar Quadafi was fixing to do. Oh, there's poetic justice to having those out on a mission to cause massive death to instead get dealt it to themselves. I just don't know, but personally, I think we lost our moral authority in such matters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib, killing squads, the Bush torture doctrine.

What can I say? I don't trust us anymore. I don't think I caused this feeling in myself. I think it's a fault in the manufacturing.

So, back to us; a real revolution is often a messy, ugly affair. People get killed. People have to turn against their own tribe if members of the tribe either won't join in or at least refuse to cooperate with 'authorities'… and authorities are most often considered the occupiers in revolutions.

And in this 'revolution' in which real building blow up, real cars blow up, real people get killed (as opposed to those images on t.v. from half way around the world… ha, who am I kidding? They don't show the images of death on t.v. except fake death, manufactured death)..there will be calls for more authority by the masses. The "law and order" crowd will demand constant surveillance. Check my papers, please! Full cavity search to use the escalator? Absolutely, what's a little freedom when we're talking security?

Remember, it's for your own good.

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