RSS is a document you can download from the web which describes website content, news, and resources from a specific website. Users of RSS can have up-to-date content from websites delivered to them and viewable via a news aggregator. A news aggregator is a type of software which is specifically tailored to receive these kinds of RSS feeds.

Many RSS aggregator/feed reader programs are free or cost very little, and are easy to download and install. Some popular RSS aggregator software programs are NetNewsWire for Mac, NewzCrawler for Windows, and AmphetaDesk for Mac, Windows, and Linux—among many other programs you can download and try out. The free web browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Safari have the built-in ability to read RSS.

To subscribe, first try clicking on the icon. If that doesn't automatically allow you to set up the feed, try right-clicking to get the URL and enter that into the reader of your choice.

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